What is Section 3?

Section 3 is a provision of the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Act of 1968 which requires that economic opportunities generated by certain HUD financial assistance for housing shall, to the greatest extent feasible, be given to low and very low-income persons, particularly those who are recipients of government assistance for housing, and to businesses that provide economic opportunities for these persons.


Section 3 has been a statutory basis for promoting the award of jobs and contracts, generated from projects receiving HUD financial assistance, to, respectively, low-income residents and businesses of the areas where the projects to be assisted are located.


What this means to you?

As a resident of the FCHA, you may be eligible for a training and employment opportunity within your Housing Development or other Housing Development that is a Section 3 covered project.


What are the qualifications?

Section 3 residents must demonstrate that they meet the qualifications for new employment opportunities created as a result of the expenditure of covered assistance.


What types of jobs are available?

For Public and Indian Housing (PIH) Programs, all employment opportunities generated by the expenditure of development, operating, and modernization assistance, including management and administrative jobs, technical, professional, construction and maintenance jobs; and jobs at all levels.


Section 3 is a tool for fostering local economic development, neighborhood economic improvement and individual self-sufficiency.


Contact the Section 3 representative for the Fayette County Housing Authority at 724-434-2100 for more information or complete the application below to be considered for Section 3 Employment. Please note this is not a guarantee of employment with the Fayette County Housing Authority.