FCHA’s Annual Plan provides details about the Housing Authority’s current programs and the resident population served, as well as our strategy for addressing the capital improvements and housing needs of current residents. To ensure public participation in the process, the Plan, including attachments and supporting documents are available electronically on our website, our Administration Building, and at each FCHA Public Housing office.

Annual and 5 Year PHA Plan FY 2023-2027

PA015 HUD-50077-CR Civil Rights Certification

PA015 Statement of Housing Needs FY 2023

PA015 HUD 50075.2 Approved Capital Fund 5Y Plan FY 2023-2027

PA015 HUD-50075-ST Annual PHA Plan

PA015 Capital Fund Program (CFP) Amendment FY 2023

PA015 HUD-50077-ST-HCV-HP Certifications of Compliance with PHA Plan and Related Regulations

PA015 I 50075-5Y Resident Meeting Minutes to Review PHA Annual and Capital Fund 5Y Plan FY 2023-2027

PA015 HUD-50077-SL Certification by State or Local Offical of PHA Plans Consistency with the Consolidated Plan

PA015 G 50075-ST Violence Against Woman Act (VAWA) Goals

PA015 Resolution to Amend the (VAWA) Policy Public Housing (ACOP) and Section 8 Administrative Plan FY 2022, 2023

PA015 HUD 50075-5Y B. Annual Plan Elements - Significant Amendment or Modification

PA015 HUD-50075-ST B.1(A) Fair Housing Goals and Strategies FY 2023-2027

PA015 HUD-50071 Certification of Payments to Influence Federal Transactions

PA015 Disclosure of Lobbying Activities

PA015 Board Resolution Approval to Submit 2023 PHA and Capital Fund 5Y Plan 2023-2027

PA015 A 50075-5Y Substantial Deviation & Significant Amendment FY 2023-2027

PA015 HUD-50075-5Y 5-Year PHA Plan

PA015 F 50075-ST Goals and Objectives

PA015 Public Hearing to Review PHA Annual and Capital Fund 5Y Plan FY 2023-2027

PA015 H 50075-5Y FCHA Organizational Chart Dec 2022

PA015 HUD 50075-ST B.2(B) 5-Year Plan Progress Report

PA015 Resolution to Amend the (VAWA) Policy Both Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy FY 2022, 2023

PA015 D 50075-ST Auditors' Report and Findings FY 2022, 2023

PA015 E 50075-ST Resident Council Support of FCHA PHA and Capital Fund 5Y Plan FY 2023-2027

PA015 HUD 50075-ST B.(C) De-Concentration Policy

PA015 HUD 50075-ST B.2 New Activities'

PA015 C 50075-ST Family Self-Sufficiency Program, HCV Homeownership Program